Meet the Fam

We are three generations of a family navigating this world and trying to make the most out of life.

This branch of the family tree begins with Betina. She is a loving mother of four and has been raising children for three decades. With a 21 year gap between the oldest and youngest of her children, Tina has had many years to learn some child-rearing wisdom and remain current with the new ways children are being taught and entertained today.

Sasha is a loving mother of three and though she loves her kids immensely, there are definitely some incredulous moments of motherhood. She is also the cook of the family and can’t wait to share cooking recipes, tips, and tricks while possibly learning some too.

Tiffany is a loving mother of two and an independent photographer. She juggles the exasperating life of a gymnastics mom and the fruitful venture of her own business. She enjoys stirring the pot when it comes to hotly debated issues and respects the opinions she receives back.

Destiny is not a mother and, after spending a lot of time with her nieces and nephews, isn’t looking to be one. She has the desire to travel, get to know new cultures, and try new things. She’s also found a new love for books. Destiny looks forward to sharing her interest in books she’s found and new places she’s been.


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