Book Review: Kiss Me Quick

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Amazon synopsis: “Plucky Juliana Jones loves to run. Since escaping her home town she’s spent her life perfecting the art. One day (after finding herself out of work, sleeping on a friend’s futon, and emphatically single) she makes her greatest escape from reality so far; a holiday cruise in the middle of the Pacific.

Kane Phillips – the gorgeous former star athlete turned ship’s Fitness Director – sees JJ coming from a mile away. He knows a thing or two about running, so decides to help her. Truth is he can’t help himself.

Add a ship full of septuagenarian cupids with too much time on their hands who believe that what JJ needs more than an escape is romance and JJ finds herself outnumbered. Only as her feelings for Kane become all too real, for the first time in her life she has nowhere to hide, no place to run.

And even if JJ could run is Kane just the man to keep up with her?”

Length and medium: 159 pages, Kindle ebook

Destiny’s Thoughts

I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall for the first time a few days after I finished this book and I have to say the execution is fairly similar (and yet my mind is just doing an extreme stretch). Really, the only similarity is both main characters went on vacation and found a group of people that made them realize there was more to life. Also Forgetting Sarah Marshall is probably going on my list for favorite movies. Also I should really write down a list of my favorite movies.

No time is wasted as the book opens with Juliana setting sail on a cruise, quickly realizing it’s an old couple’s cruise and she’s a few decades younger than the other passengers. Expecting some easy fling, she is clearly sunk by the ticket her friend got her on a cruise ill-fitting for her needs.

JJ is clearly looking for something quick and easy but Kane has different plans. He doesn’t want a fling but he does want JJ and he’s willing to wade through all her crazy to prove it to her.

“Juliana, I know you’ve got time to fill, I know you’re looking for a little adventure, but I’m not something you can tick off your to-do list.” -Kane, Ally Blake, Kiss Me Quick

I really loved their chemistry and the fun the old people add to their relationship. Many of them seem to be rooting for JJ and Kane, some even place bets on their relationship.

JJ is funny and quick-witted which made her a really likable character for me. She is inclined to adventure and change. I resonated with her because she had a life she saw leaning towards the mundane and though it would offer security, it had no room for chasing dreams. She was willing to make the hard decision to leave and powered through the tougher times of roommates and lousy jobs to hopefully get more out of life.

Kane comes with his own bag of intrigue. He had it all as a professional athlete (American football or rugby I never was quite sure. The book is set in Australia but I’m pretty sure he comes to America to play) but the grief following his brother’s death pushes him to  try some death-defying extreme sports. After rehabbing an injured leg, he’s done with the professional league but finds himself working cruise ships as the fitness director, more for something to do than the need for money.

If you’re looking for some laughter and some romance, this is definitely the book for you. I had a lot of fun with it. It was a good break from Lab Girl which I’m still working through. Book review for that will be coming soon.

If you’re interested in this book, check it out here.

Ally Blake has written tons of books. This one is, in fact, the first book of a series. If you’re interested in writing and live or visit Australia, she’s got a few workshops coming up.


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