If I Could Get a Tattoo

In honor of my birthday, I recently got my 4th tattoo. Upon seeing the picture of it on Facebook, my niece promptly asked why did I mar my body. A question I had to laugh at because this is not my first tattoo and her mother has a tattoo. We still aren’t completely sure where she got this line of thinking from but it reminded me that a lot of people feel that way.

So I wanted to share my opinion about tattoos. What they mean. What they represent. And why I like to get them.

First, let me start by explaining that tattoos are not that painful. I am a straight punk. I don’t handle pain all that well and even though I’ve gone through this three times before I was still scared of the pain. It has just been ingrained in me that tattoos are painful but really it’s hardly worse than letting your friend draw on you with a pen.

Now some tattoos can be painful depending on where you get it. I like to get mine in places where the skin doesn’t move too much over time and there isn’t direct bone contact. When I was young I remember my mom had an older friend with a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder blade. Sixty years later, it still looks great.

I see tattoos as a way to express yourself. One of the main issues I know people have with tattoos is the permanency. I used to think I change my mind so often about what foods I like, what clothes I want to wear, that I couldn’t possibly be comfortable with something forever.

And I like the permanency. So many changes happen in our day to day or throughout our lives, I find it comforting to have something I will always have and take with me everywhere.

This last tattoo I thought about for years. Literally I wanted it and thought about it in 2013 and finally got it 2018. For those that don’t know, it’s the Supernatural anti-demon possession tattoo.

While I found it silly to get a symbol from a TV show (what if it gets cancelled? what if I’m not as interested in this show in a year or two?), I realized that it said something about me.

I first got introduced to Supernatural by an acquaintance, Netflixed the first seven seasons in three weeks (practically all free time was dedicated to this show), and then became close friends with my acquaintance because of a shared love. I watched interviews with the main actors, watched bloopers, and even went to a Vegas convention for the show.


So even if my entire life I’m not whacked out obsessed with this show, this tattoo will still remind of the fun times that I had because of the show. Not to mention, Supernatural fans are pretty much immediate family. Whenever I wore a Supernatural t-shirt, I could immediately strike up a conversation with a fellow fan.

I’ll finish with I like tattoos, not necessarily because I’ll like them forever. People change. I like tattoos because it’s almost a tapestry of who I was and a reminder of what’s important. Not necessarily a TV show, but the friendships that have bloomed from that common interest.

After all that, I’m going to plug for Mission Tattoo in Santa Barbara because Chris did an amazing job and stopped me from getting a smaller version where the lines may have gotten messed up. I really appreciated his knowledge and fire playlist while I got my work done.



2 thoughts on “If I Could Get a Tattoo

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    1. Exactly! I wore a hoodie with the symbol on it to a church retreat in high school and someone asked me if it was satanic and I was like “it’s actually to keep the demons out so…”
      Always glad to know Supernatural fans!

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