Book Review: Space Team

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Amazon Synopsis: “Cal Carver thinks his life has hit rock bottom.

When the small-time conman finds himself imprisoned and forced to share a cell with a semi-naked cannibalistic serial killer, he’s pretty sure his day can’t get any worse.

He is wrong.

It isn’t until two-thirds of the human race is wiped out and Cal is mistakenly abducted by aliens that things really start to go downhill.

Whisked across the galaxy, Cal is thrown into a team of some of the sector’s most notorious villains and scumbags and tasked with delivering a package to a warlord-run solar system where the authorities dare not venture.

The mission should be simple enough, but as one screw-up leads to another the ragtag group of unwitting heroes find themselves in a frantic battle to save an entire alien civilization – and its god – from total annihilation.

Featuring epic space battles, unforgettable characters, and a shapeshifting blob with the face of Tobey Maguire, Space Team is the first book in the internationally bestselling series by award-winning author, Barry J. Hutchison, and is perfect for fans of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Galaxy Quest, Guardians of the Galaxy, and pretty much anything else with the word ‘Galaxy’ in the title.*

*Except maybe Samsung’s Galaxy S series, which is a range of mobile phones, and so not really similar.”

Length and medium: 284 pages, Kindle ebook

Published by and date: Zertex Books on September 26, 2016

Destiny’s Thoughts

This book was nonstop funny. I originally downloaded it because I’ve been trying to get away from romance novels, diversify my interests. I’m glad I stumbled upon this gem! It easily made its way onto my top ten list of books.


Oh, the humor! I had so much fun reading this book. The characters are a fun cast and the dialogue between them is hilarious. Almost every page made me laugh about something, and I was reading on my phone screen so that’s a lot of pages.


I think the hardest thing for me was to place Cal. All the other characters are described in such detail as they are introduced but Cal leaves a lot to the imagination. My mind warred with itself, half of it wanting to make Cal almost like a Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time and the other half didn’t have an idea but adamantly shut down that particular idea. Still, even without a clear image of the main character, I love this book.


I loved the pacing of it. There are a lot of different characters but I never felt bombarded with more than I can handle and it was very easy to keep them separate in my head.

As the synopsis says, this book is great for anyone interested in space and humor. It definitely resembled Guardians of the Galaxy in humor. The translator chip stops everyone from using foul language, for the most part, so I’d say it’s fine to get as a gift for a younger audience.

Don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

Barry J. Hutchison has carried on the fun, creating 8 books in this series. The eighth one came out this month! From the titles of the other books, it sounds like they could be easily read as one-offs. Expect to see a few more Space Team books reviewed on this blog because I can already tell I’m going to enjoy the second in the series, The Wrath of the Vajazzle.


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