Trying Some New Things

Destiny here. The one that brings you book reviews and moat of the content on this site. It’s supposed to be shared between my family but it’s a slower start for them.

Anyway, I finally noticed I could go deeper with my book reviews. I have a nonfiction book review coming soon and I pretty much summarized the book and gave my opinion at the same time. Which I understand is what you’re supposed to do but I have been reading fiction and feared giving away too much.

If a synopsis was vague, I figured it was vague for a reason and I didn’t want to share more than the author was willing to. At the same time, it’s difficult to describe why I like certain books without getting a chance to reference anything that happened. I found this struggle in Withering Hope as I realized so many curveballs were thrown in from the very beginning of the story (starting with the main character having a fiance).

So from now on, I think my book reviews will read more like a summary. I still don’t want to give away any twists or spoilers but I do want to paint a more rounded view of the books.


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