A Day on Santa Cruz Island

Kirby’s mom was nice enough to pay for Kirby and I to join her and her boyfriend on a trip to Santa Cruz Island. It started with a drive to Ventura to catch the Island Packers ferry to the island. They are the only way to get to the national park unless you have your own boat or plane.

The boat ride was about an hour long and we saw tiny glimpses of whales along the way. From the boat, you could see that this island had some serious incline.

Santa Cruz Island

I will warn you, use the bathroom either on the boat ride or before you get on. I hadn’t and I had to pee so badly while they still got people off the boat. The poor park ranger probably thought I was purposefully ignoring her speech but I just really had to pee. After her speech about what to avoid, not feeding the foxes, and respecting the island, I practically ran to the bathroom.

Santa Cruz Island
The view just off the dock on Santa Cruz island.

There are a lot of hikes to choose from and a lot of beautiful views but we ended up on a trail that was way beyond my leg strength. The continuous uphill made for great pictures but not so great for me. We made it halfway through the 4 mile trail and decided to go back the way we came. It looked like it only got steeper ahead and I can only imagine the awkwardly quick descend on the other side.

I would also like to say, I wore jeans and a t-shirt with a light cardigan. The choice felt right in the morning and right while we rode the boat because that wind was freezing. It was, however, and awful choice on the island where the clouds broke and it was sunny and hot. Dress accordingly!

Anyway, so here are a few pictures I got from our hike.

After we tired ourselves out, we ended up at the picnic tables and caught a few Channel Island foxes begging for food.

We also found out Kirby walks like Bigfoot and quite possibly might be related.

Then we spent a few hours napping on the beach before our boat headed back. In all it was a great trip and my takeaways are use the bathroom before a presentation (always expect a presentation) and no matter how cold it looks in the morning, always wear shorts on a hike.


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