Washington D.C. in 3 days

Our family would love to see the world, but before we venture off to other countries and continents, we decided to see more of our own country. No better place to start than our capitol. This coupled with the fact we are a homeschool family embarking upon 5th grade, which includes American history. Since my 10 year old seems to be memory challenged, it’s much better if we can make history come to life for him. Finding an awesome deal on Spirit Airlines helped also.

And we are off!

Our capital has so many sites to see. What could we see in only 3 days?

1:       The White House

No trip to Washington DC is complete without a visit to the White House. Our trip came together at the last minute, so we didn’t have time to book a tour in advance.  If you would like to tour inside the White House, you can request a tour through your Congressman, and must be requested at least 21 days in advance. We visited the White House visitor’s center. It has a replica of the White House, videos and many presidential artifacts. We completed the activities in the Junior Ranger book and earned a badge.


Actual White House vs Visitor Center’s White House


2:  The Washington Monument


A tribute to our first president George Washington, and an icon of Washington, D.C. You can’t really miss it because it’s located in the center between the Lincoln Monument and the Capitol.

3:  National Museum of African American History & Culture 

Full and overflowing with African American history and shows the impact African Americans had on America. Needed more time here, but my crew was starving.  We opted for a great lunch in the museum cafe.

We decided to take a ride on the DC Circulator (a good way to get around for only for $1) to see some of the monuments. When it was time to get off to see the MLK monument they were passed out, so we called it a day early.

DC#5 Sleep

Day 2

4:       International Spy Museum

We met friends some here. It’s full of spy artifacts and interactive areas. However, it wasn’t fully enjoyed because 12 hours of sleep just wasn’t quite enough for my 10 year old and the effects of the red eye were lingering.

5:       National Museum of the American Indian

We are still learning museum etiquette, especially “thou shall not enter the exhibit”.

6:       Capitol Hill

DC#8 Capitol Hill

We took a guided tour through the Capitol. The tour guide was great and very informative. The Capitol building is full of many historical statues and other works of art. It’s definitely something to see.

7:       Lincoln Memorial & Reflecting Pool

         Massive is the word my son used to describe the Lincoln Memorial.

DC#11 Washington on Lincoln steps

Standing in the spot where history has been made.

Day 3

8:       National Archives

Started the day with a guided tour. We had a chance to view the original Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

9:       The Smithsonian Castle

DC#12 Smithsonian

10:     National Museum of Natural History

          The animals look very life like. Be sure to check out the butterfly exhibit.

 11:     National Museum of American History

DC#13 Podium

We enjoyed a 2 hour docent led tour of the National Museum of American History. Our docent was friendly, entertaining and a wealth of knowledge.

Overall, it was a quick trip, but we managed to hit all of our must see sites.


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